Thursday, May 25, 2017

Damascus in the Works

Started with 5 layers(pic1), forge welded and drawn out. Cut this in half(pic2), forge welded, drawn out, and twisted. Pic3 is its current state(10 layer) with a quick etch. I'm thinking cut/weld/twist one more time before forging it to a blade. This would make it a 20 layer. Currently 4 hours into this with coal forge and no power hammer, but so far so good on the welds.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Multi Layer/Pattern Welded Knife

This is my first successful multi layer blade. I started with about 1"x1/8"x4" pieces of wrought iron/15n20/1084/15n20/ wrought iron. The knife has a 7 1/2" blade, is almost 11 3/4" overall, and is an 1/8"- at the spine. No power hammer or fancy belt grinder yet, so this was a lot of hammering, filing, and sanding. Sheath was made with vegetable tanned cow hide and waxed linen thread, wet formed and dyed dark.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chef's Knife

Forged 8" 1095 high carbon steel blade is 0.090 thick at the spine with a flat taper to its edge. The handle consists of curly maple, brass corby bolts, and a pewter bolster.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Chopper

Forged in coal forge 9" 1084 blade
overall length is just shy of 13 3/4"
spine is .155" at the hilt
Handle is curly maple and rosewood with 1/16" steel pins
sheath is vegetable tanned cow hide dyed dark and wet formed
Shaves, chops a pine 2x6 in half, and shaves again
Blade is darker- bad lighting

Friday, February 10, 2017

Beck Rifle

Left handed Beck rifle all but complete. I still need to give the stock another few coats of oil, followed by stock wax, leather sling, and maybe some fine tuning after firing. The scraped finish came out well. You can feel the curl in this stock.

Specs are as follows:
*Curly maple stock, scraped and relief carved
*Chamber's LH Siler lock
*Rice barrel, Beck profile: swamped, 42" 50 caliber 1-66 twist, round bottom rifling
*Davis double set triggers
*Iron mounts
*Length of pull 13 3/4"(front trigger)
*Drop 3"
*Cast off 1/4"
*Weight 8.9 lbs (wet, without sling)

Asking price $2400 +shipping

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beck Cont...First Coats of Finish

I've been back to work on the Beck rifle that was on hold for the EPR prize fowler build. Much has been done since my last post on this project. It is coming along but still needs much more work...Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

After the Diet

Here she is after the stock removal. It had a thin wrist so I had to leave most of that alone. The upper wrist was fat. I bent the tang down and inletted it deeper into the stock. A lot of extra wood on the forearm was removed. The trigger, guard, and entry pipe had to be re-inletted.  Sides of the stock had a bunch removed all the way to the muzzle as did the buttstock. The lock was cleaned and some internals polished up, and the trigger had to be reworked. First coat of finish went on and I could see scraper marks that I didn't want to see...Back to scraping and then burnishing...refinishing. All in all pretty happy with the way it came out.